Is your car, the next biggest investment to your house, parked in the garage or in the driveway? Due to too much stuff being stored in your garage?

Not ideal at all, maybe you are considering moving house, upscaling for more space, but before leaping into that, think first of utilizing space that you already have, that will improve the situation and add value to your home. Loft E Ladder can erect a mezzanine floor in the garage or maybe install flooring in the roof space until you get to sorting and de-cluttering?

We have been utilizing space for 26 years and invite you to call us for an estimate. Conversely, you may have downscaled and need that small amount of space to store items less used and not knowing where to put them, the same applies, add value to your new home with some flooring and a Loft E Ladder to access.

The cost of moving is substantial, apart from the usual expenses, think of all the fees, estate agents, bond cancellation, attorneys transfer fees, etc there could be, as many as five certificates of compliance needed for your home to be saleable. The new home may require some furnishings, such as the cost of curtains alone!
The trauma of moving is said to be almost as bad as grieving the loss of a loved one!!
We invite Owners, Architects, Structural Engineers Project Managers to discuss matters with us. We prefer planning ahead and welcome consultations to resolve all requirements or issues.
LOFT E LADDER IS SURE TO BE OF BENEFIT!! Email us or Call Ryno at 072 374 6308 to discuss.

Utilizing Space for Storage is our Speciality

Loft E Ladder has traded for 25 successful years, manufacturing from 100% South African components and improving wherever possible to market a Superior product to last a lifetime.
They are extremely durable and virtually maintained free being made from special certified grade Aluminium for safety with a 150kg rating. Our client base is very broad and we have a substantial number of high-profile clients, including British, American, Italian, Russian Consulates, Table Mountain Cableway, UCT, Stellenbosch University, Radisson and Bay Hotels, Val de Vie, Pearl Valley, Boschenmeer, Fancourt, De-Zalze, Golf Estates, King Shaka International Airport and many more.
We are also favoured by professionals, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers.
We supply all provinces in South Africa as well as nearby countries.

Mezzanine Floors

Another of our specialities, Utilizing space in Double Volume homes, for use as an extra room, Office, Study, Bedroom, Sewing Room, Stock room, Playroom and Garage for Storage.
All are designed to 1.4kN/m2 for heavy domestic use.

Small/Medium Conversions

We have converted roof spaces into boardrooms, offices and for domestic use but they do require approved Architectural plans and a Structural Engineers Specification as well as a suitable roof pitch and space at ground level for a staircase. Thank you to all our loyal clients for your support.

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