The short story you are about to read is applicable to many people. My take on it is that unless you
have somewhere to put your stuff, once sorted, it remains where it is until you address the issue.

This is a true story about the ROUND TUIT. Procrastination is not a modern problem, it dates back to
Egyptian times when Queen Neffatuit would put off the most trivial tasks. The Great Pyramid of
Neffatuit must be her most famous legacy. She was concerned at the time that the great pyramid
would not be completed.

A beautiful gold plaque was crafted and given to her on her 40th birthday. This ROUND TUIT was a
sign from her people and her son Tuitkharmen that she needed to pull her finger and complete the

It seems that Queen Neffatuit and Queen Nefertiti were one and the same person and also that the
The great Pyramid of Neffatuit and The great pyramid of GIZA are one and the same.

PROCRASTINATUS was a Roman who lived in Britain some two thousand years ago. His wife asked
him continuously to repair the heating system. When he eventually did the repair she commissioned
and had a Bronze plaque made to thank him for finally getting ROUND TUIT.

KING ARTHUR assembled twelve Chivalrous Knights of the Realm to protect the Kingdom from Evil
and Harm and summoned the Wizard Merlin to craft a round table to be known as a Round Tuit for
the assemblage of the 12 Knights of the Round Table.

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