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Short of storage? Utilize Loft Space!!


Adding a mezzanine floor to your home or business can be a solution to a range of space & storage problems. Need an extra room or office in your home but can't justify the expensive process of a building extension. Then a mezzanine floor just might be your answer.

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No Mezzanine Floor

This room had a rather high ceiling. It was decided that the children could sleep on a mezzanine floor and have a play room underneath.

Building a Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor had to be high enough to allow the door to open. Here is the begining of construction.

Tamboerskloof Mezzanine Floor

Once the mezzanine floor was finished it was painted to match the rest of the room. The staircase was placed on the right hand side to limit the intrusion into the play area.




Mezzanine Floor

Plenty of play area and also tall enough for wardrobes to be placed underneath for extra storage.

Paddle Staircase

The "Paddle" staircase allows the incline to be steeper than usual but still safe to walk up.

Mezzanine Floor with retractable ladder

This mezzanine floor has a retractable loft ladder installed, so that the area underneath, is kept clear of the ladder when it is not needed.




Mezzanine Floor Cape Town

This mezzanine floor constructed in Cape Town has the retractable loft ladder and in this picture it is retracted to give a clean area underneath free of hazards.

Mezzanine Floor and Loft Ladders

There was a need to construct this mezzanine floor with 2 loft ladders for access to the roof area as a straight long loft ladder was not able to be used because of the existing building structure.






15 effortless seconds to lower the loft ladder and 15 seconds to stow the loft ladder away.
  Technical Details:   Contact Details:

  • Minimum floor to floor height 2250 mm

  • Maximum floor to floor height 3150mm

  • Minimum aperture size 850 x 600mm

  • Horizontal clearance from edge of enclosure 1650mm

  • Vertical clearance from floor in loft 1050mm


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